Spring Self-Maintenance Reminder for Houses

Finally the bitter cold of winter is behind us! As spring approaches, please ensure you take care of the following items at your home. Please follow these tips to limit damage the changing seasons can cause:

• Ensure outside gutters and drains are clear of leaves and debris at all times.

• Ensure you regularly change the filter & perform annual service on central heat and A/C systems to prevent flow restriction and ensure the system is working well. A clean & serviced system runs more efficiently and will save you on utility usage. Damage caused to the system from dirty filters & system will be your responsibility!

• As outside growth of grass and weeds begins, make sure you maintain your yard to prevent overgrowth that is unsightly and can harbor unwanted pests.

• Spring is a great time to test your smoke detectors and change the batteries as need.

• Know where your main water shut-off valve is located. In the lowest level of your house where the largest water pipe enters the home there is a shut-off valve. In the case of a water related emergency, it is extremely important to know where this is. Please make sure all household members know the main shut-off valve and test the valve to make sure it will work as expected in an emergency event.