Autumn is here!!!

We've been lucky lately with summer extending into October, but the cold winds are starting to blow. This is the time to get ready for those short, dark days ahead.

First, the heat has been tuned on to all our multi-family buildings. If you see any leaks from the convectors or radiators, please report it to us ASAP. If you have forced HVAC, make sure you change the filter.

We get an extra hour of sleep on November 6th. This is the perfect time for you to remember to test your smoke alarms and change the batteries.

With the weather getting cold, everyone is looking for a warm place to live, this includes rodents. Remember to place garbage ONLY in the container and replace the cover on the bin. We all enjoy company for the holidays but not those little critters. If it does not fit in the container, do not put it on top or beside the dumpster. Call our office & let us know there is a problem. We can then contact the contractor and get them out there before DC starts writing tickets.

Remember this is your home. We want you and your neighbors to enjoy living in a FAS property but we need your help. Let us know if a toilet is running, or a sink is clogged. Don't wait until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to check if you have problems with the oven or stove.

Finally, we at FAS want to wish you & your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember our office will be closed both Thursday & Friday November 24th & 25th to spend time with our families. We will reopen on Monday November 28th.