No Convenience Fee for Portal Payments

2018 will bring in new benefits to those using the online Tenant Portal.

Effective January 1, 2018 Fred A. Smith Company will pay the convenience fee of $2.95 when
you pay your rent online!

Spring & Summer

We thought April showers brought May flowers, well adding May's showers we should be getting a boatload of flowers in June!

Spring & Summer are wonderful seasons to be outside and enjoying this great city.

Please remember to close your windows when you leave your apartment and be respectful of your neighbors by keeping the noise down after hours. For those who have their own a/c units, remember to change your filters- it will help keep irritants at a minimum.

Have a safe Summer & we hope you create wonderful memories!

Autumn is here!!!

We've been lucky lately with summer extending into October, but the cold winds are starting to blow. This is the time to get ready for those short, dark days ahead.

First, the heat has been tuned on to all our multi-family buildings. If you see any leaks from the convectors or radiators, please report it to us ASAP. If you have forced HVAC, make sure you change the filter.

We get an extra hour of sleep on November 6th. This is the perfect time for you to remember to test your smoke alarms and change the batteries.

Winter Self-Maintenance Reminder for Houses

. As renters of a single family house, please follow these tips to limit and prevent damage that freezing weather can cause.

• Ensure water is shut-off to outside spigots and hoses are unscrewed and drained. The spigot shut-off is usually located inside the house within a few feet of where the spigot is located. Ensure outside gutters and drains are clear of leaves and debris at all times.

• On especially cold nights with freezing temperatures, leave cold water faucets open on a very slow drip. It will not freeze as easily when there is a flow.

Spring Self-Maintenance Reminder for Houses

Finally the bitter cold of winter is behind us! As spring approaches, please ensure you take care of the following items at your home. Please follow these tips to limit damage the changing seasons can cause:

• Ensure outside gutters and drains are clear of leaves and debris at all times.

Garbage Disposals

The number one, most frequent maintenance call we receive is for clogged or jammed garbage disposals. It is important to know disposal does not mean "Dispose-All". While disposals are a handy tool for kitchen clean-up, they are not meant to act as trash receptacles for all leftover foods. Garbage disposals are designed to grind the small bits left on pots, pans, and dishes AFTER they have been scrapped into the trash can. Not using your disposal the proper way can lead to damage of the equipment and the pipes.

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